VITALITY Collection 2023 Released: Inside NTARE GITARE Clothing Brand VITALITY Collection 2023 Released: Inside NTARE GITARE Clothing Brand

"At NTARE GITARE we are very intentional with our designs, what kind of designs, what is it teaching the public, and what fabrics are we using like, for example, we focus on using fabrics that are eco friendly, namely Linen, cotton, and wool," said Ms. Angel Mutoni CEO & Creative Director of the NTARE GITARE 378183025 18202739506258283 6648714315105234985 n 1080Made by  NTARE GITARE clothing brand

 Ms Angel Mutoni is a Christian fashion designer/ Photographer based in Rwanda. Founded the NTARE GITARE, a clothing brand that started in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic in the days of lockdown. The brand specializes in luxury ready to wear for men and women. It focuses on craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and creativity.


Ms. Angel Mutoni CEO & Creative Director of the NTARE GITARE

During the interview with the RCFS's Media, Ms Mutoni said that the origin of the idea of the NTARE GITARE clothing brand was built upon two facts: The first fact is to make products that are extremely intricate and pleasing to the eyes, unique and in colors that are complementary to human skin tones as far and as wide as that maybe.

2Miss Fiona Muthoni Naringwa wearing made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand 

The second fact was for herself to quit wearing second hand clothes to wear made in Rwanda clothes which she said had become increasingly hard for her to find well tailored fitting quality outfits for work and also when attending different functions. Ms. Mutoni said that it was next to impossible to find something nice in the country and all of these made her dreams come into action of the NTARE GITARE luxury clothing brand was born.

"This was a problem I shared with many other people I talked to so it was that and the ban on second hand clothes which were always extremely expensive and yet worn out by other people, trashed them once they didn't want them anymore and then somehow brought to me to buy, never mind it was trash to begin, these I would say are the triggers that led me to start Ntare Gitare" said Ms Mutoni the Creative Director of NTARE GITARE

Journalist: What really inspired you to start the NTARE GITARE clothing brand?

During my high school days, I used to help my aunt to sell second hand clothes and I was always very curious about how they were made, I found so much joy in pairing outfits and altering their fitting and then hiking their prices as the pairing and a bit of changing how the fit suddenly changed and elevated the way they looked. I remember I used to draw wedding dresses as I remember vividly how I wanted them to look like. At that point I didn't know that there were people doing it as a career, I certainly wasn't trying to do it as a career, I didn't think about the production of my images they just looked visually intriguing to me and I loved being able to put my thoughts on paper where I could see them or read them in my spare time be it at school or elsewhere.

Also, I always felt uncomfortable wearing clothes which were previously owned by total strangers and were always on the lookout for the ones that looked brand new but from the second hand batch as I extremely hated the new Chinese ones where everyone else had a pair and which were of extremely low quality and in most cases extremely itchy.

With that I wanted to make outfits that showcase one's beauty and glory for myself and for professionals who are at the top of their game and find it hard to access well fitting outfits that are fashionable, People who appreciate brand new, quality clothing made well and by trustworthy companies, clothing which with my knowledge in the garment industry I would be proud to wear and sell.

3Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand 

 Journalist: What makes your fashion brand unique? What are your favorite colors?

At NTARE GITARE we are very intentional with our designs, what kind of designs, what is it teaching the public, and what fabrics are we using like for example we focus on using fabrics that are eco friendly, namely Linen, cotton, and wool. These are fabrics backed and recommended by the Bible on the side of Linen it talks about its healing properties, on the side of wool, Its ability to hold shape and keep you warm and cotton is breathable and moisture wicking which helps make you comfortable and prevent you from skin irritation that's why children should wear nothing but the above mentioned fabric.

Notwithstanding that, there are other fine fabrics but those should be left for older generations At least 20 years and above, and even then it's recommended by researchers to have 80% of your wardrobe should consist of the above mentioned fabrics as the rest are harmful to the skin and others are detrimental to the environment with the exception of few. Our brand makes clothes that compliment and revitalize your health at the same time keeping you stylish and classic with elements that are futuristic.

Whoop! My favorite colors? that's a hard one to answer. I see beauty everywhere and in all created things, I love color or the absence of it, am not sure I can pick just one color. Oh no!

44Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand

 Journalist: What is your new Collection the VITALITY about?

Yes, we have a new collection out, inspired by love, Work, and excellence. We've called this collection VITALITY as it's filled with pieces that are made with exceptional craftsmanship, using environmentally friendly quality fabrics that last in your wardrobe, pieces you can style and restyle year in and year out and look different every time.

We have both our Women's and men's wear collection in our recently opened Kigali store already and we hope to invite the friends and family of the brand, people who have supported us from day one and continue to do so, to celebrate this milestone as we officially open our brand new and very first flagship store, we are so thankful to God.

5Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand

 Journalist: How do you see the fashion industry in Rwanda?

From the time we are born, someone is pioneering and making decisions about what we should be dressed in, it only makes sense that someone is a local person familiar with our climate. Our culture and our resources In that light, fashion is growing as designers have taken the call to be different and original in producing our products. On the side of consumers some people have been ready for locally made for some time now while others are still learning and getting used to the fact that in Rwanda, locally made clothing can be exceptional and excellently made.

It Can be of good quality and it can compete with say European made or American made or Asian made. We are changing mindsets although we need more awareness of the craft, it's how we shape the younger generation showing them that there's pride in this line of work, that fashion is an exceptional career, it can pay well, it allows you to broaden your creativity and can get you and your family out of poverty. One of my goals is to give moral and economic dignity to these kinds of crafts.

6Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand

Journalist: But some people say that made in Rwanda is poorly designed and no income for fashion designers.

Some of the people who say that fashion is a poor man's job need to seriously evaluate how much money they spend on clothing yearly in contrast to other areas of their lives not forgetting how many times they've lost credibility because of how badly they've dressed. Someone worked hard to devalue the fashion industry in Africa like the other areas that generate a considerable revenue for any economy because he needed a market for what he doesn't need anymore but encouraged, even forced cotton farming. Meanwhile, elsewhere, it's a multibillion dollar industry that is so revered you don't just get in anyhow. It's our responsibility to correct false narratives about fashion and other jobs which are important in building our society. The time is far spent to continue to fuel such cruel lies.

There's a culture, held by the Jewish people, of buying from their own people even if the product is not fantastic. They will tell you to improve here and there but still buy from you so that you get the means to improve. We all know the results speak for themselves when it comes to the Jewish people.

7Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand

 Journalist: Tell us, how do you see local fashion designers' collaboration?

As far as working together in terms of designing together, I haven't seen it really. In terms of fashion shows, there's just a lot of small groups that aim to do the same. I hope in the future, designers will have a central platform or two at most that is not about 5 or 10 local designers who are not about growing just themselves and their small group but one that can host all talented designers who have proven themselves with their work without bias.

One that will continue to grow by adding in newcomers both local and international to showcase throughout an entire week basically from Monday through Saturday, have different hours and locations for those who can afford it but in that chosen same week very much like elsewhere in the fashion capitals like Milan, Paris, New York and Japan. With a regulated standard; 1. New designers will put in effort to be recognized by this platform, 2. people will be excited to attend fashion shows knowing that their time and money is not wasted. And 3. This will build the credibility of the fashion industry as a whole, from my point of view.

9Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand

 Journalist: Has the NTARE GITARE organized a fashion show yet?

We haven't organized one yet as a fashion house but we are planning to have 2 fashion shows yearly depending on how people continue to receive and support our work.

Journalist: Any message you have for other local fashion designers in Rwanda?

You have to be really passionate about fashion and stay original. Fashion is a dignified vocation from the ages you are not just now inventing fashion, it's been part of life since Adam and Eve. Don't be swayed by reprobate agendas, don't believe everything you hear and see, learn from those who did what you are doing before you, have mentors that you can look up to, and mentees that you can pass the knowledge and skills you've acquired to, trust in your vision, aim for the best and above all, trust God.

4Made by NTARE GITARE clothing brand

So far, the NTARE GITARE clothing brand participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It is a member of the Rwandan fashion designer's association. The shop is located in Kimihurura -Gishushu, KN 5, KK 226 airport RD, Kigali. 311964936 557283193065675 355530782534888356 n 1080

Made by NTARE GITARE showcased in the Mercedes Benz Kigali Fashion Week 2022 311831197 161313786531300 2166226548149548490 n 1080Made by NTARE GITARE showcased in the Mercedes Benz Kigali Fashion Week 2022 312388971 1439872566537181 1494188086969474395 n 1080Made by NTARE GITARE showcased in the Mercedes Benz Kigali Fashion Week 2022

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