The Rwanda Fashion Industry has been through different ups and downs, but it kept developing because fashion is part of our culture and who we are. It was a long way to go, and many thanks to the fashion agencies in collaboration with public institutions who made it possible and put more effort to fashion fun and memories. Through various events like Kwita Izina Ceremony and Visit Rwanda, we have seen different superstars purchasing products from local designers that make the Rwandan flag stand in Western countries. It is fifteen years now when Rwandan entrepreneurs continue to invest in Fashion and modeling businesses.



Photo: Models showcasing at the RCFS 2015, at Hotel des Milles Collines, by Fathia Creations

Rwanda is doing its best to promote locally-made products like other African countries. The government continues to develop the business sector by encouraging entrepreneurs to promote made-in-Rwanda products in fashion, modeling, and textiles. In ten years ago, many things happened in the Rwanda fashion industry. For example, we have more than 15 known and established fashion designers. We also have more than ten (10) modeling agencies; more than five (5) textiles and manufacturing industries across the country. We also have about five (5) big annual fashion shows in the country.


Photo: RCFS 2015, 3rd edition, at Hotel des Milles Collines

Even though things seem to be working with the fashion industry, models and upcoming fashion designers struggle to get promotions to promote their new creations and share their everyday activities, new talents, and new products. The lack of fashion writers continues to be an issue for models and fashion designers while they continue pushing their businesses and pursuing their dreams.


Photo 2019: Fashion designers, tailors and models during one-day training “Made In Rwanda – Made In Africa to the world” organized by the RCFS in partnership with the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC)

Currently, RCFS has launched a partnership with four fashion and modeling agencies to help talented young and upcoming talented writers to develop and publish their stories. Together with our partners; former Rwandan journalists and the Rwanda Journalists For Sustainable Development (RJSD we come up with an offer. A free two months fashion stories writing course. Through online training, the participant will be able to learn the basic of doing; research, reporting, and writing.


PHOTO February 2023: From left, Wilson Kenzy CEO & Founder of Tarama Rwanda Initiative, Moniah Uwimbabazi Assistant Coordinator RCFS, Ngabitsinze Abdul Wahabi the CEO & Founder of Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show, Kwizera Danny the CEO & Founder UNO Fashion Agency and last on the right Ri Koni Yocan CEO & Founder RIFI Fashion Agency during the ceremony of signing partnerships agreements.

The free writing course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to write captivating and insightful stories that inform, educate and inspire readers about the world of fashion. After this piloting course, we hope to organize different writing courses on fashion, modeling, and textile to equip young talents with enough skills they need to boost their performance in the future.


Photo: Kigali Fashion Tour by RCFS and was a part of the 2019 event series. This was the afternoon tour at C & D Garments factory - Masoro industrials area in Kigali

The first top 3 stories will receive awards from the RCFS and its partners. Others stories will be published on the RCFS website as well as our partner's websites. As the course program will last two months, below are the details. Moreover, by the end of the online course, RCFS will organize a physical meeting day where each trainee will present her/his story in front of the trainers for them to choose the top three.


  •  Developing skills in writing compelling and engaging fashion stories that capture readers’ attention and interest

  •  Understanding the principles of storytelling and how to apply them to the fashion industry, including creating characters, plots, conflicts, and resolutions.

  • Learning how to research and gather information on fashion trends, designers,

    brands, and history and incorporating that knowledge into fashion stories

  • Developing an understanding of different types of fashion writing, such as news, features, reviews, and profiles, and learning how to write in each of these styles.

Are you an expert speaker in the fashion and textiles industry? Are you a professional journalist specializing in fashion and textiles? You can be part of this. For more information about registration and partnerships send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +250 788 514 754, WhatsApp: +250789182665




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