PHOTO: Laís Ribeiro, a Brazilian model known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel , shopping from Sonia Mugabo clothing brand, in Kigali, 2023 PHOTO: Laís Ribeiro, a Brazilian model known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel , shopping from Sonia Mugabo clothing brand, in Kigali, 2023

The 19th of Kwita Izina 2023 ceremony week was not normal for local fashion designers as used to be in the past years when Kigali was always booming with fashion shows, popups- sales, and exhibitions of Made in Rwanda.

IGIHENamers of the 19th Kwita Izina 2023 Ceremony in Musanze District during the naming day, Wearing Imikenyero- photo:IGIHE 2023

Fashion lovers around the capital Kigali were expecting a surprising fashion show but it didn’t happen. Few who talked to the RCFS’s Media were expecting the Collectiverw/ Rwanda Fashion Week to be the ones to organize a fashion show and unfortunately, they did not organize a fashion show nor a Groupe exhibition.

“There is no way we can have the Kwita Izina Ceremony without the CollectiveRw organizing their fashion week. Who else will do a side fashion show in Kigali? Of course, they will organize an event let’s wait and see” said a Fashion Lover in Kigali 2 weeks before the Ceremony

Even though things seem to be unusual for local fashion designers here is a list of the fewer local fashion designers we know who were able to sell during the week of the Kwitza Izina 2023 Ceremony week.

1. Rwanda Clothing

This is a lucky fashion house as it provided all of the Imikenyero/ Imishanana/ for the guests and namers of this year’s edition. { The umushanana or umukenyero is the traditional ceremonial dress in Rwanda. It consists of a wrapped skirt bunched at the hips and a sash draped over one shoulder, typically worn over a tank top or bustier. The fabric used for the mushanana may be any color and is often gauzy and lightweight to create a flowing effect }

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RWANA2Clare Akamanzi, CEO of RDB wearing made by the Rwanda Clothing  


RWANDA1Imikenyero Made by the Rwanda Clothing   

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374077610 716160867212841 1459294082996690877 n Imikenyero  Made by the Rwanda Clothing 

375740031 716155953879999 3607179228821332742 nMade by the Rwanda Clothing 

2. House of Tayo

t 1Sabrina Elba posing for a photo with Matthew Rugamba after shopping at the House Tayo

t2Sol Campbell trying on a T-shirt inside the House Tayo clothing brand 

t3Sol Campbell (RIGHT) taking a photo after shopping with Matthew  Rugamba (LEFT),  the CEO and creative Directo at the House of TAYO

t4Joakim Noah known as Stickity (2nd RIGHT) wearing Made by House of Tayo

6Joakim Noah known as Stickity (2nd RIGHT) wearing Made by House of Tayo

tayoFormer @equipedefrance and @psg goalkeeper Bernard Lama in a House of Tayo Shirt at the #KwitaIzina Gala Dinner.

4. Haute Baso 372628496 642333107996622 3197692453988965755 n 1080Member of the Haute Baso (LEFT) giving Sabrina Eliba (RIGHT) a bag of her products bought from the Hautse Baso 372751299 316520774224578 4565425904947821195 n 1080Sabrina Dhowre Elba (RIGHT)  is a Canadian model, media personality, and goodwill ambassador of the United Nations

4. Sonia Mugabo

SONIA MUGABO 3Laís Ribeiro, a Brazilian model known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel, shopping from Sonia Mugabo clothing brand

SONIA MUGABO 1Sonia Mugabo (LEFT) the CEO and Creative Director at the Sonia Mugabo clothing brand with a Brazilian firm model Lais Ribeiro (RIGHT) taking a photo after shopping

RCFS's Media  

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