White Shoes Are Not For Everyone - Ntawirema

Celestin Best Ntawirema is the CEO of Rwanda Culture Fashion Show and founder of film house IRIS-Pro 1000 Hills Ltd. His goal is to support artistry and culture through dance, music, fashion and film. He spoke to Society Magazine’s Stephen Kalimba about his sense of style.

How would you describe your style?
I am fun and fashionable; not too many colours. I want my outfits to match. With a job like mine, you have to look good. I like suits too; my friends ask me questions when they do not find me wearing one.

Do you have a designer?
I work with many designers, so I try out some of the stuff they do. I also have tailors who make suits and they are very good, like Joseline Umutoni near Sky Hotel Remera.

What’s your take on white shoes? Some people wear them with suits?
They are not for everybody or every day, if you’re going to the stage or on screen, maybe.But elsewhere? Not really. Even our roads are too dusty for them.

Second hand vs. new clothes?
I don’t go for second hand clothes. I used to but now, for the sake of my credibility I don’t.

What are your kind of accessories?
I like watches, especially sports and metal watches like Caico and Shades. Watches are good for time saving, you might have a phone but when you’re seated on a moto or in a crowded place, all you need is to look at your watch.

Who influenced your venture into fashion?
My dad. He liked to wear Kitenge and African jewellery like that of the Maasai.

What should people avoid in fashion?
There are clothes that come from China that look nice when you first see them but fade in no time.

Any fashion advice?
When you’re smart you can relax and have a peace of mind, especially around people. Keep your clothes in good condition;do not over wash or iron them. Also, do not leave them with someone else to take care of, they might mess them up instead.

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