Tarama Rwanda, in collaboration with a diverse range of esteemed individuals, institutions, and embassies, is proud to present the Tarama Rwanda Summit and Festival. This event will take place at the Mundi Center ( Rwandex ) from 11 Am to Midnight on the 22nd of July 2023.

The Tarama Rwanda Summit and Festival will unfold in two exceptional sections, designed to unleash the immense potential of Rwanda's creative and cultural industries. The summit will bring together 600+ inspiring collectives of youth, renowned and emerging artists, visionary entrepreneurs, government and non-government institutions, and esteemed delegates from across the globe. This gathering aims to foster human capacity building through engaging sessions, wherein participants will exchange insights on how the arts and entrepreneurship can effectively contribute to Rwanda's economic development by nurturing and amplifying its wealth of talent. Spanning an array of themes, the summit will feature a distinguished lineup of speakers who will share their invaluable experiences in their respective disciplines.

Complementing the summit, the Tarama Rwanda Festival will be a showcasing platform for talents across various artistic domains. From captivating music performances and side-splitting comedy acts to awe-inspiring fashion shows, dances, exhibitions, and much more. This is the moment when Rwandan Super artists will ignite the stage, setting it ablaze with their unmatched talent, leveling up the entire Rwanda entertainment industry, and spreading inspiration and Joy.

By attending both the summit and the festival, you'll become an integral part of an exceptional movement, contributing not only to the success of this remarkable event but also to the nurturing and empowerment of Rwanda's emerging talents.

We eagerly await your presence at the Tarama Rwanda Summit and Festival, where minds will ignite, talents will flourish, and Rwanda's future will shine brighter than ever before.

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