Who are the Top 10 Rwandan Fashion Designers to Watch in 2023? Who are the Top 10 Rwandan Fashion Designers to Watch in 2023?

The fashion industry in Rwanda is a force to be reckoned with, with many fashion designers spreading their wings and flying the Rwandan flag high. Here are some of the best designers in Rwanda’s budding fashion scene.

1. Joselyne Umutoniwase- Rwanda Clothing 

 113567053 joselyneumutoniwase 07Joselyne Umutoniwase CEO & Founder of the Rwanda Clothing

Rwanda Clothing is a Fashion and Home-Decor Production and Boutique, in the heart of Kigali. Rwanda Clothing ltd started in 2012 by y aiming to offer well tailored special pieces and customized clothing made in Rwanda by Rwandans. The company started with two tailors and today 10 years later has fourty-five full time and more than 50 part time employees from different associations of women especially for our home décor pieces. 

rwanda 1Made by Rwanda Clothing

rwanda3Made by Rwanda Clothing

Rwanda clothing Ltd has two showrooms in kigali and a production space in kigali. The company has a solid foundation and successful growth curve. The brand is becoming well known not only within Rwanda, but also across Africa and  the world.It is a global brand. Joselyne Umutoniwase’s passion for clothing has helped so many people to discover the Creative industry and also how it can help to grow the economy and changes lives.
Today Joselyne Umutoniwase continue to create and inspire the young generation and also train young designers who want to be part of the change.


Rwanda's first  Lady Janette Kagame supports made-in-Rwanda fashion designers including  Rwanda Clothing 


Made by Rwanda Clothing 

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Made by Rwanda Clothing 

rwanda1Made by Rwanda Clothing 

2. Turahirwa Moses - Moshions

 Moses Turahirwa

The high-end Rwandan clothing brand Moshions is well-known locally and internationally. It was Established in 2015 by Turahirwa Moses, Moshions crafts a stunning balance between traditional and contemporary design. This combination of rich cultural heritage and modern tailoring fuels Moshions' art. The brand is well known for its black and white palette, as well as, meticulous beading of imigongo designs on striking couture & ready-to-wear styles for men and women. 


Made by Moshions


 Made by Moshions

M5Made by Moshions  

M4Made by Moshions

M6Made by Moshions

 3. Teta Isibo- Inzuki Designs


Inzuki is a dynamic young Rwandan brand specialising in jewellery, accessories and interior decor that are handmade, of local materials. Founderd by Teta Isibo a self-taught fashion designer and entrepreneur passionate about youth entrepreneurship and mentorship, women empowerment, Africa's development, Business and leadership, Innovation, Rwanda, fashion design, interior design, all things design. 

inzuki 444Madeb by Inzuki Designs 

inzuki 8Madeb by Inzuki Designs 

All products produced by Inzuki Designs are Rwanda-made, Africa-inspired and globally-loved. Our products are a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Our design philosophy seeks to transcend traditional Rwandan design and customize it to suit modern needs. Inzuki works with numerous local artisans who use their skills to translate our authentic designs into vibrant quality pieces. Inzuki is part of a wider Rwandan cultural-renaissance. We are greatly inspired by the growing innovation scene in the country and by the increasing number of young entrepreneurs and trendsetters that are propelling Rwanda to the next level.

Inzuki designs was created out of a combined passion for design, style and everything Rwandan. It started out as a hobby creating personalized jewellery, inspired by already existing products on the Rwandan crafts market and working with local craftswomen to produce them. In 2010, Inzuki designs officially evolved into a business entity. It has since grown into a renowned Rwandan brand with a boutique located in the heart of Kigali city. Inzuki is now aiming for international markets and will soon be accessible to clients in the rest of Africa, Europe, Asia and North America through distributors and an online store.

inzuki 6

Madeb by Inzuki Designs 

inzki 4

Madeb by Inzuki Designs 

 4. Ysolde Shimwe and Kevine Kagirimpundu - Uzuri K & Y

cover teamKevine Kagirimpundu and Ysolde Shimwe founders of the Uzuri K & Y

UZURI K&Y is an African-inspired eco-friendly shoe brand that champions sustainability through its innovative use of the 4R technology: recycling, reusing, recovering, and reducing car tires to create eco-friendly footwear. Founded in 2013 by two visionary friends, Ysolde Shimwe and Kevine Kagirimpundu, the company emerged with a mission to address pressing environmental and unemployment challenges within their community.
Across Africa, millions of discarded car tires accumulate in landfills, encroaching upon inhabited and vulnerable neighborhoods. These tires, taking up to 80 years to decompose, not only pollute the air and water but also act as breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Compounding the issue, youth unemployment in Africa reaches alarming levels, with young women facing disproportionately higher rates of joblessness.


Made by Uzuri K & Y 

To combat these interconnected issues, UZURI K&Y ingeniously repurposes used car tires, transforming them into functional and fashionable footwear, tailored for conscious consumers. Through their own state-of-the-art production facility, the brand employs advanced techniques to handcraft their footwear. Currently, UZURI K&Y operates retail stores in Rwanda and Kenya, while also utilizing e-commerce platforms to connect with global customers.


Uzuri K & Y Supports both young women and men in Rwanda especially teaching them how to make shoes 

Beyond their commitment to sustainable fashion, UZURI K&Y is dedicated to empowering African youth by equipping them with practical and soft skills essential for securing employment or establishing their own small businesses. The company's comprehensive training programs have already benefited over a thousand youth, with an impressive 70% of trainees being women. With a vision to position Africa as a leading source of sustainable fashion on the global market, UZURI K&Y exemplifies a compelling fusion of environmental consciousness, economic empowerment, and artisanal craftsmanship. Through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment, they are driving positive change within their community and beyond.


Made by Uzuri K & Y 

UZUZ888Made by Uzuri K & Y 

 5. Matayo Rugamba – House of Tayo

DSC 9507 scaled 500x500 tayo44

House of Tayo, with a signature style described as ‘Afrocandy,’ has steadily gained prominence across Rwanda. Established in 2011 by Matthew Rugamba, House of Tayo is known for their colorful bowties, shirts, and custom suits. Rugamba, as one of Rwanda’s early fashion designers and co-founder of CollectiveRw, has been dedicated to building up the fashion community, changing Rwanda’s fashion narrative, and collaborating with like-minded brands. Rugamba creates iconic designs inspired by the Motown era, traditional British tailoring, and his own African heritage. In using design as a tool to tell stories about his home country of Rwanda, he paints a richly diverse, fantastical, fast-paced, and sophisticated picture of Rwanda today.

house of tayo 4

Made by the House of Tayo

Matthew “Tayo” Rugamba is the Founder and Creative Director of House of Tayo which he started in 2011 as a college junior. Since then he has presented collections at Africa Fashion Week London 2012 and had his work featured in the local and international press - the Huffington Post, Forbes Africa, BBC news, CNN’s African Start-Up to name a few.  He has been invited to speak on a variety of issues related to the potential of the African creative industry and youth entrepreneurship at forums such as Wharton Africa Business Forum 2015 and World Economic Forum for Africa 2016.

tayo 2Ijezi Made by the House of Tayo

After graduating from Lewis & Clark College with a B.A in International Affairs, Matthew returned to Rwanda to expand his business. In July 2014, House of Tayo opened its first store, located in Kigali, Rwanda. House of Tayo continues to specialise in accessories such as ties, bow ties and infinity scarves, as well as bespoke suits. Aside from growing his business, Matthew made it a personal goal to help grow and elevate Rwandan fashion on the regional and international stage. He co-founded the Collective Rw in 2015 in a bid to develop the existing industry and help foster the next generation of Rwandan fashion designers and other professionals within the field. Collective Rw had their inaugural fashion week in October 2016.


Made by the House of Tayo


Made by the House of Tayo

6. Linda Mukangoga and Candy Basomingera - Haute Baso

 MPUZA 1Candy Basomingera and Linda Mukangoga founders of Haute Baso

Haute Baso is an ethical lifestyle brand for the modern individual looking for thoughtful, simple and functional designs. The brand offers an experiential shopping experience with blends of premium made in Rwanda fashion, food and beverage and arts. It is centered around the belief that “two heads are better than one” using fashion as a vehicle for positive change towards the empowerment of women and youth who are integral to our value chain while contributing to preservation of culture in Rwanda.

HOTE BASO 33Made by Haute Baso 

They draw inspiration from their vibrant culture to collaborate and merge traditional methods with new techniques to create pieces and experiences that are timeless. This philosophy exemplifies the modern African fashion industry’s outlook on combining sustainability, technology, modern design and African craftsmanship to produce beautifully made, ready to wear fashion & accessories.

As a Made in Rwanda brand, we pride ourselves in our collaborative approach which has led to collaborations with over 300 artisans in Rwanda, to produce accessories and home decor pieces for various collections. Since our inception in 2014, our collaborative design ethos has allowed our brand to foster strong relationships, allowing us to continuously innovate and create memorable pieces and moments.


Made by Haute Baso 

Haute Baso’s vision is to showcase Rwanda today and to promote its ability to produce high-end and functional products that are able to compete, not only on the local and regional levels, but also on the international one. their mission is to translate their passion for art and design into a vehicle for positive change.


Made by Haute Baso 

 7. Niyitanga - Tanga Designs


Niyitanga CEO & Founder of Tanga Designs 

Tanga Designs Tanga Designs is the name of the unique and inspirational fashion design brand founded and based in Rwanda. TANGA DESIGNS was founded by Niyitanga and the brand name is derived from the suffix of his name, Tanga, which means to Serve, Give and Spread. The primary focus of this innovative fashion brand is to highlight elegance, art, class and creativity and to mix modern and traditional design to create a unique and striking visual look, which will appeal to all trendy men and women who love to look good. tanga 2025

Tanga designs in the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show 2015 at the Milles Collines Hotel 

These sentiments embody the essence of TANGA DESIGNS. As the creative director, Tanga of TANGA DESIGNS acknowledges that the brand has benefited greatly from the fashion community in Rwanda as well as from the Fashion shows they have hosted here locally. He has showcased his creations at the Kigali Fashion week, as an upcoming fashion designer, which he won during Kigali Fashion week 2014. That great achievement and honour has opened many doors for Tanga and his brand, TANGA DESIGNS. His collection was inspired with the Touch of African prints together with modern fabrics to create the unrivalled elegance of the Legacy for An African Woman.

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.16.34 AMMade by Tanga Designs 

The many other wonderful events and fashion shows in which TANGA DESIGNS has participated, within Africa, together with all of their amazing clients they have proudly served, have all helped to build the dream to make TANGA DESIGNS what it is today.

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.15.42 AMMade by Tanga Designs 

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.16.15 AM Made by Tanga Designs 

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.17.38 AMMade by Tanga Designs 

8. Karen Uwera- Karssh Collection


Karen N Uwera CEO & Founder of Karssh Collection 

Karssh collections Ltd is a woman owned made in Rwanda brand founded by Karen N Uwera in 2008. KarSSH is a bespoke and made-to-order brand that produces to create a sync between modernity, Rwandan culture and its beautiful nature. The brand aims at creating Rwandan fashion trends upholding the beautiful uniqueness of Rwandan culture, climate and nature. 

karshMade by Karssh Collection 


Made by Karssh Collection 

karshhhhhMade by Karssh Collection 

kashhkkMade by Karssh Collection 

karrrrMade by Karssh Collection 

 9. Shema Charlotte – Touch of Rwanda Fashion Designs

shema touchShema Charlotte CEO & Founder of Touch of Rwanda Fashion Designs 

Touch Of Rwanda Fashion Designs Ltd was foundered by Shema Charlotte a creative designer. It is based in Rwanda. Foundered in 2018 The company is growing, with a shop and a workshop. It offers different services as “to be able to buy the ready-to-wear and they are already made by different sizes and different materials.

touch of rwanda 2Made by Touch of Rwanda Fashion Designs 

The company's clients are able to choose the size and colors of their choice. Shema and her company had been offering services in tailoring and clothes to different people both men and women and kids. Shema’s main styles are smart casual, an outfit that can be worn at the office, every day and evening for some occasions. She also designs and does accessories such as bags, bed covers, napkins, pillowcases and some materials to use in home decor.

touch of Rwanda 44 Made by Touch of Rwanda Fashion Designs 

touch rwanda Made by Touch of Rwanda Fashion Designs 

bannerfem12 touch of rwanda Made by Touch of Rwanda Fashion Designs 

10. Zoi_by_Mackenzies


Zoi_by_Mackenzies team wearing their relations 

Zoi, which is Greek for ‘life’, is a clothing line that was started by the Mackenzies. This is a group of five young ladies namely Naomie Nishimwe, who is the winerof  Miss Rwanda 2020, Kelly Uwineza, Kathia Kamali Uwase, Brenda Iradukunda and Pamela Loana Uwase. They are all related.

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.35.53 AM Made by Zoi_by_Mackenzies

Their brand which was launched on October 9, 2020 produces clothes for all genders, with the choice to scale up an outfit liable on the size of the customer. The Mackenzies use social media to market and advertise their own clothing line, acting as models for their own designs. The demand for their clothes was enormous which pushed them to work harder.

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.36.43 AMMade by Zoi_by_Mackenzies 

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.36.07 AMMade by Zoi_by_Mackenzies

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.36.14 AMMade by Zoi_by_Mackenzies

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 8.36.24 AMMade by Zoi_by_Mackenzies

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