Miss Burundi 2023: What was Lacking Behind Attires & Fashion Styles? Miss Burundi 2023: What was Lacking Behind Attires & Fashion Styles?

It is not only in Burundi where you will hear critical comments about clothes and fashion styles in the pageants, especially "Miss or Mrs."

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Most African countries still respect their culture in terms of fashion and styling. However, colonization changed the way Africans used to think when it comes to fashion and style. Currently, the public can judge fashion clothes anytime and anywhere but for most people when it is in fashion shows and beauty pageants their criticism becomes more than a debate. For example, Bikini wear. In Miss Rwanda, most of the female candidates who were selected to represent the country international level, especially in Miss Earth refused to wear Bikinis " I better lose the crown instead of wearing a Bikini in public" said Miss Uwase Honorine known as Miss Igisabo in Miss Earth 2017 who was presenting Rwanda.

In this story originally by Anaise Audrey Masabo. It describes comments from fashion lovers and local fashion designers who did not appreciate the fashion styles worn by the ladies on the final day to select Miss Burundi 2023.

Is it poor fashion, clothes, stylists, or fashion designers who are not interested in the Miss Burundi pageant? 

One week before the finals of Miss Burundi 2023, the writer Anaise Audrey Masabo come back to the recent semifinals of this pageant which had been continuously a stage on which local designers have adapted it as an advertisement platform.

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With the growing number of designers reaching out for brand recognition through the offer of sponsorship towards the Miss Burundi organization and yet a continuously rising concern as to the appearance of candidates on the final day.  Questions continue to arise.

Has there not been a thorough concentration on clothing criteria, or are Burundian fashion icons asleep or non-existent?

This Saturday twentieth May 2023, Burundi witnessed the Miss Burundi semifinals, an important event capable of altering the life of candidates and creating a spot for the growth of ideas within the Burundian population. While this would have served as an opportunity for local designers and stylists to build the long sort for recognition, participants are obliged to style themselves individually for the Semi-Finals as it has been for several years.

Is it a question of ignorance? Lack of finances? Why do we prefer to be left in the back seat of most pageants? Those are some of the many questions circulating pageant viewers.

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 The tip, the top, and the tabs

Stepping into a night where we were unable to neither witness preparations nor identify what happens behind closed doors, various fashion gurus continue to question the necessity of a stylist in the MISS BURUNDI committee. This year appeared to be a rush from a workday interview right into a much-needed pageant.

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When asked what should be changed when it comes to the clothing of a group of women who are set to represent the nation worldwide or the need for a stylist within the organization, one of this year's committee members, Ruhara Ketty replied: "I do not have much to say in regards to this matter but I genuinely think the ladies presented themselves very well, very politely with a lot of humility. I do not have anything I would have desired for them to change. They were very well dressed, and presented themselves beautifully as well."

Ruhara 2Ruhara Ketty is among the committee member of the organization Miss Burundi 2023

 Viewers complain though

Niyonkuru Jean Bedel owner of Timiza Fashion; a brand that has operated in Burundi for over eight years says: "In my most genuine opinion the ladies were dressed badly, horribly dressed. That affects us designers at large in that it gives us a bad image. The Miss Burundi committee knows us; they have seen our work over and over again so until now I fail to understand why they do not give us or what we do value. If they honestly cared about this aspect of the competition, they'd get in touch with us and ask for our help."

Screen Shot 2023 06 30 at 8.05.55 PMDresses made by Timiza Fashion

Screen Shot 2023 06 30 at 8.07.32 PMMade by Timiza Fashion

With an elegant choice of color, the song that has rung over Burundian soil constantly rotates on the concept of clothing choice. Overlooking the variety of options on designers and stylists available locally, there stands a need to pinpoint where a blind spot begins within their preparations or committee at large.

"This year, as compared to previous competitions, a few of the girls tried. A fair number however still came as though they were attending a salsa dance evening or going to a wedding. There is still some sort of negligence in the ladies' attires which is visible in the imbalance of style. Some people dress really well others as though they have no idea what kind of event they are attending", said Kazoza Martial, a fashion content creator who was privileged to attend the event and undergo his own personal analysis.

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UMUGORE WA PREZIDACandidates on the final day of Miss Burundi 2023. The First Lady of Burundi H.E Mrs Angeline Ndayishimiye was among the guests who attended the event. 

With questions still arising in the area of Miss Burundi pageants attire, is it necessary that a nation comes together in raising funds to eliminate public humiliation? Is there anything we can do to build a pageant worth showcasing worldwide? What boundaries do they encounter that limit the penetration of brand-new ideas into the awakening of long-lasting fashion solutions? These are only a few of the questions that remain unanswered.

winner Lellie Carelle Ndayizeye won Miss Burundi 2023

1687685322517Lellie Carelle Ndayizeye won Miss Burundi 2023 and got a car as a prize 

FzeYmspWIAMog qLellie Carelle Ndayizeye won Miss Burundi 2023. On the photo with her 1st Runner up & the 2nd  

Read more about PLANS & PROJECTS  of Miss Lellie Carelle Ndayizeye                             

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