Karen Karen
KAREN UWERA, Fashion designer, CEO, Founder of Karssh Collection, and President of Rwanda Fashion Designers Association. KABANO FRANCO, Model, CEO, & Founder of Webest Models Management
Karen Karen
DUKUZUMUREMYI MARIE CHANTAL, Legal representative of Berwa Rwanda Federation (fashion & beauty) EDDIE NSABIMANA, Journalist - The New Times

The RCFS webinar will include discussions which will be in the form of a series of thought- provoking panel discussions about the textiles and fashion industry in Rwanda and Africa. It is scheduled on Friday, 28th February 2023, from 10: 00 am to 12:15 am (GMT-KIGALI).


It is organized by the RCFS 2023. Keynote speakers will include fashion designers, fashion promoters, journalists, experts in textiles and fabric dyeing, fashion school teachers, and some government representatives to discuss “Made in Rwanda value”.


Questions to consider during our discussions:

  • How far is the Fashion Industry in Rwanda?
  • How do you see the Rwanda Fashion Industry in the next five years?






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