Meet the Founder of Moshions at Rwanda Fashion Conference 2019, 6th September


Moshions is one of Rwanda’s leading fashion houses. Established in 2015, Moshions is an elegant culturally inspired brand, sought after by insightful African and global customers looking for a distinctive world-class taste.

From 2015, Moshions has moved Rwanda’s fashion platform with top-class creations for men. By popular demand, it included womenswear; diversifying taste and elegance to reach enthusiasts from around the world. The made-to-last outfits are bold, unique, and wearable at almost every occasion. From informal to formal festivities.

Over the years, the brand’s philosophy has been to explore Rwanda’s fashion potential and embolden culture. A skilled team fuses the cultural symbols with contemporary creations; unfolding the beauty of heritage and subscribing to latest trends. Every design is created responsibly to minimise impacts on the environment and celebrate sustainable fashion.

Moshions is proudly contributing to the Made in Rwanda movement. The brand participates in local production with infinite creativity and untamed aptitude, for the world to vibe along.

Our rapidly growing fashion house has headlined and participated in fashion shows across the continent: Windhoek Fashion Week, Tribal Chic, Collective Rwanda Fashion Week, Swahili Fashion Week, to name a few.

Moshions is in motion. It’s moving forward and winning hearts – one outfit at a moment.

Meet the Founder

From Hobby to Profession

“It’s funny when I think about how I got here. Here, in the fashion industry. I hold a degree in Water and Sanitation Engineering. We can both agree that it has nothing to do with fashion design.

When in university, I walked up to doorsteps of the class with a sound conviction that every session had little to do with my dream career. Never had I imagined fixing people’s problems with a pair of pliers or spanners. My vision lingered in realms of fashion. My passion and whims to pursue this vision fired up everyday into flames no one could put out. I now create solutions with a pair of scissors.

Growing up, I was surrounded by effervescent tailors from my family. I observed as their ingenious and textured subsequently come alive on the production table. My mother joined in as she exercised her mastery of knitting woolen tablecloths and sofa covers. It was so fulfilling to watch. The grit, the ken, and the fun of men and women whose creativity was not confined in a small room they operated in.

Though I had a little chance to play on their sewing machines, I was no stranger to the rhythm of stitches on fabrics; needles on apparels; hot charcoal iron on finished pieces. Not to mention their glances on posters with African models in famous kitenge designs for reference. It was an arduous but satisfying process. A whole vibe.

As time flew by, there’s something my family seemed to have passed on to me. Something I strongly resonated with: Creativity.

In 2015, it was undeniably evident that creativity had become a companion. It sent me to places of discovery, even self-discovery. It helped me rewrite style concepts in Rwanda through a wide range of categories: Bespoke, made-to-measure, ready-to-wear, and cultural designs. Creativity set Moshions in motion, and became its time-machine. A time-machine that reintroduces Rwanda’s cultural accents and plugs it to the contemporary world; building a timeless embrace of class and shared heritage.


At Moshions, we take time to make every customer experience the best of the fashion world. We exchange ideas with openness, respect, and crisp attention to details. We’re not just passionate about making clothes; we envision building a legacy that celebrates each identity. Every collection mirrors Africa’s resplendence and honors enthusiasts from around the world.

I have been part of this industry for quite a long time. I watched it grow into the unshakable empire it is now. Being part of such a promising paradigm makes me dream and work hard. I’m grateful for available opportunities. It’s my wish to inspire generations to unleash their abilities irrespective of their backgrounds.

To me, every minute is a resounding chance to have a solid impact on the state of fashion. I owe it to you and my family.” – Moise Turahirwa.

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