The Night of Fashion Alongside the Trace Awards and Festival 2023 #MadeinRwanda The Night of Fashion Alongside the Trace Awards and Festival 2023 #MadeinRwanda

High fashion and creativity during Trace Awards and Festival 2023, the biggest continental music event. It was organized by the global music powerhouse and Afro-music tastemaker Trace which was marking its 20th anniversary with the launch of the Trace Awards & Festival in Kigali City, the capital of Rwanda. 394675370 2006998342998297 3572634694778943769 n 1080Trace Awards and Festival 2023 was for #MadeinAfrica #MadeinRwanda in fashion styles 

 The event brought together big names in music industry on the African continent such as Davido a firm American-Nigerian singer-songwriter, Diamond PlatnumzTanzanian musician and dancer, and many more. Featuring performances from the biggest African and Afro-descent artists in the world, The Trace Awards was staged at East Africa’s biggest indoor arena, BK Arena,  in front of 7,500 music superfans, musicians, opinion formers, style-setters, and influencers from Africa and around the globe. 395052039 18393492229054716 8521255002883099914 n 1080Journalist Mrs. Cyuzuzo wearing a Red dress made by Odileira Designs (LEFT) and Journalist Nzeyimana Luckman  in black and white Made by  Moshions ((RIGHT) 394392495 18378338359067415 8447691455139572108 n 1080Rwandan artist  Alyn Sano in made by  Kezem- Rwanda

 As it was set a red carpet for these superstars to pass when entering the BK Arena the venue that hosted the Trace Awards ad Festivals 2023, everyone was ready and prepared to show his or her fashion. Fashion lovers who were watching live streaming of this event, as well as those who physically attended the event, were talkative because of the unique fashion styles that were seen. 

" It was an attractive event to see our local artists showing what they can do in fashion ideas. I was surprised by the dress worn by Sandrine Mucyo. That one described the level of the creativity and different ideas of our local fashion designers" Ms Eric told the RCFS's Media 394570283 18391525858022955 4690817588826935494 n 1080Rwandan Professional model Sandrine Mucyo in Made by Matheo Studio

umunyamideli mucyo sandrine yaserutse mu mwambaro wakozwe na matheo studio imwe mu nzu z imideli nshya ikomeje kugaragaza itandukaniro 92a1bProfessional model Sandrine Mucyo in Made by Matheo Studio (PHOTO IGIHE)

Most of the fashion styles worn by these firm's artists, Journalists, and Djs were made in Rwanda by local fashion designers such as Moshions, Tanga Designs, Matheo Sutio, Zöi, Kazem, Izubaa, and many more. 393704735 199900539795484 3958190683339145105 n 1080Artist Badgal Bamby in made by zoi by Mackenzies

gaei wo muri madagascar yaserutse yambaye imyenda ya moshions irimo umupira wiswe gabi cardigan ugura 653 000frw 46f0eMr. GaEi wearing Mde by Moshions (PHOTO IGIHE) 394300342 1023749695608185 8864920920842203584 n 1080Niyitanga, the CEO and founder of Tanga Designs on the red carpet at BK Arena

imyambaro ya izubaa iri mu yaserukanywe muri ibi birori dcb11Unique style Made by Kezem (PHOTO IGIHE)

imyambaro ya made in rwanda yakunzwe n ibyamamare byitabiriye trace award a5830Unique style Made by Kezem (PHOTO IGIHE)

miss rwanda 2020 nishiwe naomie yaserutse yambaye imyambaro ya buphora dd7bbMiss Rwanda 2020, Nishiwe Naomie wearing made by Zoi by Mackenzies

moshions yambitse ibyamamare bitandukanye a4427Made by Moshions (PHOTO IGIHE) 394541154 18390953902014128 7930280749650660583 n 1080Mr Didi B wearing Mde by Tanga Designs 394524166 18391525840022955 3711964446378543709 n 1080Rwandan artist Bwiza in Made by Matheo Studio 395183576 18393971695014541 76440016339734293 n 1080The Kiss FM journalist  Isheja Sandrine wearing Made by Kezem 395208922 17867292597007723 2730432220624274183 n 1080 Mr. Goulam wearing Made by Moshions 

bamwe mu bagize itsinda rya kigali boss babes baserutse mu makanzu yakozwe na odileira designs imaze kubaka izina mu gukora imyambaro y ibirori mu rwanda 0f777Some of the Kigali Boss Babes  members wearing  Made by the Odileira Designs (PHOTO IGIHE)

Focusing a global spotlight on musicians, creators, entrepreneurs, and achievers from across Africa and the African diaspora, the Trace Awards & Festival took place in Kigali, Rwanda from Friday 20 to Saturday 21 October 2023, in partnership with Visit Rwanda and QA Venue Solutions Rwanda, the venue management company of BK Arena. 394505408 18391525867022955 2494091869506716658 n 1080


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