Where is the brand Moshions Now? New Collection released "ISHURI RIRAKOMEJE" Where is the brand Moshions Now? New Collection released "ISHURI RIRAKOMEJE"

"I want you to think and imagine the fashion industry in Rwanda at the moment… Now, where would it be without the brand "Moshions". Why Is it impossible to tell the journey of fashion history and its revolution in the past 10 years in Rwanda without this name?" Story Writer

The high-end Rwandan clothing brand Moshions is well-known locally and internationally. The year 2021 was among the period that Moshions proved that the uniqueness and creativity behind fashion designing in Rwanda are the only keys to competing and capturing the city of fashion lovers.

some of moshions cloths on display in kigali rwanda. courtesy

 2021 was a harsh and very difficult time for local fashion designers ever have before, many lockdowns because of covid-19 pandemic, and no tourists, mostly clients who buy made-in-Rwanda products. But Moshions was doing what it does best –reviving culturally inspired design and setting the pace for the future of fashion in the industry in Rwanda and was preparing to showcase his new collection.  The first weekend of November, in this year of 2021, we saw the opening of its new Spring/Summer line – the Imandwa Collection. Designed by Creative Director & Founder, Moses Turahirwa, the Collection's designs are a visual exploration of self-liberation, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Moshions Rwandas top design brand eyes global shoppersTurahirwa Moses Ceo & Founder of Moshions 

Moshions and Covid-19 period – Year 2021

One can always count on Moshions to produce clothing with masterful attention to detail and they delivered yet again. 

The Imandwa Collection is distinctively different from past designs but the sentiment remains the same - beautiful tailoring and luxurious details that translate seamlessly to ready-to-wear. Showcased during a three-day launch, the Imandwa Collection proved to be another opportunity for Moshions to flex its fashion mastery. Each day of the exhibition was very well thought out in order to allow diverse groups of people to experience the art while respecting Covid restrictions.

256273992 2093058677510323 8047579751003736986 nImandwa Collection 2021 by Moshions 

5Imandwa Collection 2021 by Moshions 

Small guided group tours of the exhibition were provided each day by Turahirwa himself. Panel discussions and music enriched the entire experience. The setting for each installation was designed by none other than Rwanda's award-winning creative genius, Cedric Mizero. Like the collection, the music that accompanied it hit all the right notes.

htrtyImandwa Collection 2021 by Moshions 

The exhibition's soundtrack was curated by Bill Ruzima, a dynamic musician, whose voice reached an electric crescendo as he danced. His eclectic energy vibrated off the walls of the Atelier Academy, an architectural dream space, where the fashion exhibition was held. Illume, the paramount Rwandan communications agency, was the media partner. Poivre Noir and Food & Stuff provided the event's exquisite food & drink. Over the 3 days, several poignant presentations were also made, notably by Honorable Béata Habyarimana, Rwanda's Minister of Trade & Industry; Jeanine Munyeshuli, a Rwandan economist; Judith Heard, Miss Elite Africa 2021; and Georgie Ndirangu, an international moderator.

grretreImandwa Collections 2012 by Moshions 

"I am excited to present this project. It is a true manifestation of how our ancestors lived without limits and labels. Every 'Imandwa' item was made with a strong consideration of the environment," said Moses Turahirwa, the founder of Moshions, who recently earned his Master's degree in collection design.

In Turahirwa's world, fashion is both an art form and a platform.

His creations have an androgynous appeal, challenging the very notion of gendered clothing and toxic masculinity. Channeling a different interpretation of the Kinyarwanda words such as  Imandwa (which is typically understood as "spirits of dead heroes"), Turahirwa chose a modern understanding of the term - "a way to connect with our ancestors"- as the essence behind the six looks of this season.

255856151 2091512397664951 1497844097040303515 nImandwa Collection 2021 by Moshions

Established in 2015, Moshions crafts a stunning balance between traditional and contemporary design. This combination of rich cultural heritage and modern tailoring fuels Moshions' art. The brand is well known for its black and white palette, as well as, meticulous beading of imigongo designs on striking couture & ready-to-wear styles for men and women. 

46007486 1171533759662824 9129302486316744704 nMoses Turahirwa posing in the photo between his clients 

Handicraft sector is a small but growing sector in Rwanda. The country boasts of a very rich cultural heritage and handicrafts are very unique and have an originality of their own. They are available on a variety of online sites and from the local markets as well. Rwandans make an extensive range of handicrafts which include: wood products; ceramics and pottery; hand textiles and hand-loomed products; embroidery and woven products and Basketry and Mats.

Where is Moshions Now?

21048Turahirwa  Moses Turahirwa CEO & Flounder of the Moshions in the court 

 Moses Turahirwa, the 32-year-old, a renowned fashion house in Rwanda, appeared before the Nyarugenge Intermediate Court on May 10, 2023, facing charges of drug abuse and document forgery. During the bail hearing, Turahirwa was accompanied by his two lawyers, Irene Bayisabe and Frank Asiimwe, while the prosecution was represented by two prosecutors. The prosecution outlined the grounds for bringing Turahirwa to court, stating that he had forged a copy of his passport by changing the gender from male, as indicated in the original document, to F (female) as well as the age.

They also pointed out that he had used cannabis on multiple occasions, and a fragment of cannabis was found within a shirt discovered in his room. The prosecution presented several pieces of evidence to support their case, including Rwanda Forensic Laboratory tests confirming that he illegally used cannabis and a conversation between him and an individual residing in Italy, where he shared a forged copy of his passport.

The prosecution requested the court to remand him for 30 days, emphasising that the crimes he is being prosecuted for attracts a punishment exceeding two years of imprisonment and expressed concerns that he might evade justice if not kept in custody.

In his defense, Turahirwa explained that the drugs found in his bloodstream was a result of smoking cannabis during his two-year stay in Italy. However, he denied the accusation of passport forgery, claiming that the alterations made to his passport copy were solely for his upcoming new movie titled 'Kwanda Season One.' He also stated that he had never worn the particular shirt in which the fragment of cannabis was found.

One of his lawyers, Bayisabe argued that there was no crime involved in modifying a copy of the passport, as the client couldn't use the copy to travel or present it anywhere. Bayisabe also reiterated that the drugs were used outside of the country. Turahirwa and his lawyers presented sureties, including his sister, father, and his company Moshions which his lawyers said is worth $3 million (over Rwf 3bn).

The judge ruled that the bail ruling on the matter would be rendered next week on May 15. After going back and forth to the court Turahirwa was released by the court but warned to not leave the country without permission.  Turahirwa, who identifies himself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, is one of the best fashion designers in Rwanda who designs for top celebrities around the world.

309123904 487492263390683 8427876894882133998 nSauti Sol musicians from Kenya wear Made by Moshions 

80954591 1493006627515534 6159085099347345408 nThe President of the Republic of Rwanda and first lady wear Made by Moshions

309095508 487492260057350 2567267431472178194 nThe wife of the ex-president  of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete  wears Made by Moshions

309746849 487492266724016 8023725352845742624 n                             Didier Yves Drogba Tébily is an Ivorian former professional footballer who played as a striker. He is the all-time top scorer and former captain of the Ivory Coast national team. (in Moshions Shirt)


309592265 487492276724015 7068731208636194738 nMoshions has many clients from all over the world 

Story by the RCFS'Media 

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