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Hakizizimana Augustin is a Rwandan artist currently based in Japan and the brain child behind the Agasozi Clothing line, the self taught visual artist founded Agasozi in 2013 as community development project which now works with different organizations spread all over Rwanda . Agasozi fashion house creates beautiful traditional clothing for the stylish individual which are unique and inspired by a desire to showcase ancient African sophistication, style and flavor but through a modern contemporary yet locally –made clothing line. The Agasozi clothing fashion wear is locally homemade and completely utilizes African textiles and fabrics.


Agasozi fashion wear comprises colorful and luxurious collections and has expanded into other products such as custom Handbags which redefine the idea using old techniques that embrace the regional fabric and who we are as  people and culture . Agasozi fashion wear as a brand continues to turn  heads ,with Its extremely modern style that blends simplicity yet remains Classy. If you are looking for bold designs that offer rich African heritage with a sleek twist then consider the Agasozi Fashion collection ,a perfect and stunning way to experience Fashion. Agasozi clothing line fuses ancient materials like the bark clothOr inshabure which also reflects our ancestors styles depicting How kings and queens would dress The clothing line is a tribute to our Rwandan heritage. Hakizimana is among the pioneer fashion designer’s show case His collections at the Rwanda  fashion show during it’s inception edition and continues to feature in the annual fashion event


Hakizizimana Augustin , founder of Aagasozi Arts Center posing front of his piece 

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