The Africa's Next Super Model 2024 Casting call by the ISIS Models is taking a place in Nairobi The Africa's Next Super Model 2024 Casting call by the ISIS Models is taking a place in Nairobi

What Should Kenyan Models Expect from Africa's Next Super Model 2024 by ISIS

The modeling industry in Africa has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years, with agencies and initiatives aimed at showcasing African talent on the global stage. At the forefront of this revolution is the ISIS modeling agency, founded by Nigerian businesswoman Joan Okorodudu. ISIS has played a pivotal role in elevating African models to international prominence, and one of its flagship programs, Africa's Next Super Model, is set to return to Nairobi in 2024. 448516472 1488008082091599 6259555734388595092 n 1024

[POSTER: Africa's Next Super Model 2024 casting call is scheduled on the 5th of July in Nairobi-Kenya]

As aspiring Kenyan models prepare for the upcoming casting call, it's essential to understand what they can expect from this prestigious event and the opportunities it may present. This article delves into the background of Africa's Next Super Model, its impact on the African modeling scene, and what participants should anticipate in the 2024 edition.

Africa's Next Super Model was conceived as a platform to discover, nurture, and promote African modeling talent. According to Joan Okorodudu, the CEO and founder of ISIS, the core mission of the program is to "empower and elevate African talent onto the global stage." By providing a showcase for emerging models and designers, Africa's Next Super Model aims to launch successful and profitable careers in the international fashion industry. 449197063 1514735162726559 1790401775773507439 n 1024[PHOTO:  ISIS's Model  on the runway]

The decision to host the event annually in Nairobi underscores the growing importance of East Africa in the global fashion landscape. As Okorodudu stated in 2023 after a successful edition, "Africa's Next Super Model will be happening in Nairobi every year." This commitment to the Kenyan capital offers local models a unique opportunity to shine on their home turf while competing against talent from across the continent.

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[PHOTO: Founder  of the ISIS Models Ms Joan Okorodudu]

The anticipation for Africa's Next Super Model 2024 is building, with the casting call scheduled for July 5th in Karen, Nairobi, which serves as the headquarters for ISIS in the East African region. However, the announcement has left some aspiring models with questions and concerns about the selection process and their chances of success.

One of the primary issues raised by potential participants is the lack of clear criteria for the casting call. The communication materials published on ISIS's social media platforms, including Instagram, have been sparse on details regarding the requirements for attendance. This ambiguity has led to speculation and uncertainty among the modeling community. 449431820 1130122601625811 7096850669565886530 n 1024[PHOTO:  ISIS's Model  on the runway]

Some models have expressed skepticism about their chances of winning, citing the presence of more established and well-known competitors. One model, speaking anonymously to RCFS's Media, shared, "I will go, but I am not sure if I will win. There are many models here in Kenya who are known better than me, and they will also come." This sentiment reflects a common concern among emerging talent: the perception that visibility and existing popularity may play a significant role in the selection process.

Another model added fuel to this speculation, stating, "My friend told me that according to their previous casting, they choose a model who is already known on social media to boost their visibility." While this claim remains unverified, it highlights the importance of social media presence in today's modeling industry and the potential advantages that come with a strong online following.

Screen Shot 2024 06 30 at 2.18.07 PM 1[PHOTO:  ISIS Models  pays money to the winner]

Despite these concerns, the success of previous winners serves as an inspiration to many aspiring models. Chol Khan, a 19-year-old model from South Sudan, emerged victorious as Africa's Next Super Model 2023, beating out 34 other finalists. Khan's win demonstrates the life-changing potential of the competition and the doors it can open for talented individuals from across the continent.

Reflecting on her victory, Khan shared, "I didn't know I would be the winner because all the other finalists looked perfect. I was extremely excited about it when I was announced the winner." Her experience underscores the competitive nature of the event and the high caliber of talent it attracts. 449423552 857082049661059 6378269503059042693 n 1080[PHOTO:  ISIS's Model the winner of the Africa's Next Super Model 2023  on the runway]

While Africa's Next Super Model has undoubtedly created opportunities for many aspiring models, it has not been without its challenges and criticisms. Some models have raised concerns about the short notice given for the 2024 casting call. As one model pointed out, "The poster calling for the casting was published on June 29th, 2024, which means that the casting is in 6 days. I don't think many models will know about this as they don't have radio or TV advertisements."

This limited timeframe for promotion raises questions about the accessibility of the event and whether it truly provides equal opportunities for all aspiring models, particularly those who may not be closely connected to the industry or active on social media.

Beyond Africa's Next Super Model, ISIS has made significant strides in diversifying its talent pool and creating opportunities for models from various backgrounds. The agency has conducted castings in refugee camps, searching for new talent and providing selected models with opportunities to participate in international fashion weeks in Europe. This initiative has been praised for its inclusivity and for opening doors that might otherwise remain closed to displaced individuals. 449017721 789898953329181 7899482175200503661 n 1024[PHOTO:  ISIS's Model  on the runway]

However, ISIS and Joan Okorodudu have not been immune to controversy. Reports have circulated about some models expressing dissatisfaction with their treatment by the agency. An investigation revealed that Ms. Okorodudu, affectionately known as 'Mama Joan' to her models, would sign up talent to ISIS Models as their mother agency before marketing them to larger agencies. This practice, while not uncommon in the industry, has led to complaints from some models about their experiences.

One such case involved Biliny Manyang, a 23-year-old model who was scouted by ISIS Models in 2019 in Kakuma Refugee Camp located in the North-western region of Kenya. Manyang terminated her contract with the agency in 2021, citing concerns that the agency would not fulfill its promise to help her reach Europe. Her decision to write to the UN to complain about her experience brought attention to the challenges faced by some models working with ISIS. 449038576 8412782002082783 934730311021249573 n 1024[PHOTO:  ISIS's Model  on photoshoot scene]

It's important to note, however, that these criticisms are not universally shared. Following the investigations, several models came forward in recorded videos to defend 'Mama Joan,' stating that she treats African models well and has positively impacted many lives. One supporter emphasized, "She is absolutely a good person. She has changed lives and is still changing the lives of young models for the better."

“As the 2024 edition of Africa's Next Super Model approaches, Kenyan models should prepare for a competitive and potentially life-changing experience. Forget criticism this is a platform and they should go and see” a Fashion expert from Nairobi told the RCFS’s MEDIA.

The Africa's Next Super Model 2024 by ISIS represents both an exciting opportunity and a significant challenge for Kenyan models. While the event offers the potential for career-changing exposure and success, it also comes with uncertainties and fierce competition. Aspiring models should approach the casting call with a blend of optimism, preparation, and realistic expectations. 449004920 1418263012165613 1361042666566001244 n 1080[PHOTO:  ISIS's Model  on the runway]

As the African modeling industry continues to evolve and gain recognition on the global stage, events like Africa's Next Super Model play a crucial role in showcasing the continent's diverse talent. For Kenyan models, this represents a chance to be part of a transformative movement in the fashion world, potentially opening doors to international careers and helping to reshape perceptions of African beauty and style.

According to the fashion expert, Ultimately, the success of Africa's Next Super Model 2024 will depend not only on the talents discovered but also on the industry's commitment to nurturing and supporting these emerging stars. As Kenyan models step onto the stage in Nairobi, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of a continent ready to make its mark on the global fashion scene. 448525996 1817014438808743 2213056459174337197 n 1080[PHOTO:  ISIS's Models  on the runway]

ISIS Models is the African Modeling Agency with the highest number of working black models in the world. The agency was launched in Johannesburg South Africa back in 2008, after the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Next Super Model when the founder Joan Okorodudu needed a place for her models. The agency has since been dedicated to identifying, developing, and sustaining the careers of beautiful black Models. ISIS Models is staffed by a young, fun, yet experienced and dedicated team of scouts and bookers with international experience.


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