PHOTO: Designed by  Tanga Designs - From Rwanda-Kigali PHOTO: Designed by Tanga Designs - From Rwanda-Kigali

In Africa, a lot has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like any other sector, the pandemic had a huge impact on the fashion industry. However, It was also an opportunity for African fashion designers to gain visibility, especially for those who immediately took advantage of social media.

The African Development Bank has been investing in fashion and textiles on the continent, according to Ms. Bintou Diallo, a cultural and creative industries expert from the African Development Bank-ADB and a member of Fashionomics Africa. They have been organizing master classes to help young and upcoming, established fashion designers reach more audiences.

 "This master class will help you take advantage of social media to optimize your business but also try digitally," said Ms. Bintou in her remarks during the opening of this session.

dialloPHOTO: Bintou S. Diallo, the Cultural & Creative Industries at ADB & Fashionomics

The master class for fashion entrepreneurs was organized in partnership with Google and presented with very experienced speakers. The RCFS's Media journalist attended the master class and we find it useful for fashion entrepreneurs in Africa as many young and upcoming fashion designers continue to struggle to keep their business alive.

Watch the video Here.

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