Official Launch: What should models expect from the Rwanda Fashion Models Union? Official Launch: What should models expect from the Rwanda Fashion Models Union?

Teamwork as a tool toward Success: Rwanda Fashion Models Union Official Launch 

WhatsApp Image 2023 03 15 at 10.04.19 AMPHOTO 2015: Rwanda Modesl at the Hotel des Mills Collines in Kigali

It is now confirmed that Sunday, 26 March 2023, from 6pm is the official launch of this newborn organization the RFMU. This organization is expected to bring solutions to support modeling industry in Rwanda which is already struggling with no jobs and no respect according to RFMU. The RFMU is a non-government organization founded by Kabano Franco in collaboration with other models with a primary mission of working with models and Agencies to help them in Advocacy, Education, and Promotion. The organization was founded in partnership with Rwanda Arts Council (RAC), and it has other partners such as Berwa Rwanda Federation, Tarama Rwanda, Supra family, pax press, brilliant Africa entertainment, etc. 

francoFranco Kabano is the founder of the Rwanda Fashion Models Union, and he is the CEO & Founder of the Webest Models Management

Even though Mr Franco contributed a lot to establish this organization, later on, he resigned from being the Legal Representative of the RFMU. He was replaced by Mr Mutabazi Ally who came when the models were having conflicts related to who should be the leader of the union. Mutabazi was elected as the Legal Representative of the RFMU. According to Mutabazi, they have everything now and it is time to support modelling as well as modeling agencies across the country. 

Rwanda Ally Mutabazi  is the CEO & Founder of Rwanda Modeling Academy 

Putting models and agencies together as one is the key to future progress because the modeling industry requires hardworking, connections and performance moreover the modeling industry of Rwanda targets international agencies which require hand-to-hand support to get there. “We all want you (Models) to be treated with respect at work, get paid well, and be protected with legal support if anything goes wrong" according to RFMU. 





Logo of RFMU

The RFMU believes that models need a voice and need to be heard in their modeling career " Models are too often expected to be seen but not heard. We believe that workers are always stronger together, and our Models Network gives models a collective voice to make sure their views are heard by politicians, the industry and the media. Rwanda Fashion Models Union regularly give evidence to government and parliamentary inquiries and are consulted by the media and industry bodies on a wide range of subjects" by RFMU


Female Model during the RCFS casting 

According to the RCFMU Sexual Harassment is also an issue that the organization will deal with" following the recent media coverage of sexual assault and harassment in the fashion industry, RFMU wants to reiterate that the union is here for models should they have any concerns regarding their treatment in the workplace. Sexual harassment at work is not acceptable. Models deserve to be treated with the same respect as other workers and RFMU will continue to challenge employers who abuse them. The union recognises that individuals may not report harassment because they fear losing work. Every model should be reassured that they can talk to the union in complete confidence. RFMU officials are experienced in dealing directly with employers on these issues and will act on behalf of members who have experienced inappropriate behaviour at work" by RFMU 

1Female -Kid Model during the RCFS casting

 On March 12th, 2023, Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show (RCFS) signed a partnership agreement with Rwanda Fashion Models Union (RFMU). The Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show is putting much effort into joining forces with all stakeholders in the Rwanda Fashion Industry to reinforce the collaboration between agencies and work together to recover from Covid-19’s impacts on this fashion industry. Rwanda Fashion Models Union’s partnership comes after that of Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show, Ri Kon Finest Fashion Agency, Tarama Rwanda, and UNO Fashion Agency. RCFS believes that collaboration is a bridge toward the development of the Rwanda Fashion Industry. The RCFS will keep investing more in working with all fashion beneficiaries to boost creativity and innovation overall in the fashion industry.  

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Moniah Uwimbabazi the Assitanct and Operation Manager  at the RCFS,  Between the CEO & Founder of the Tarama Rwanda Initiative and CEO & Founder Uno Fashion Agency after signing MOU 

The RFMU and its partners, RCFS included, are organizing the official launch scheduled on March 26 2023 from 6pm, in Kigali city, at Century Park Hotel- Chillax, in Nyarutarama. It will be the best opportunity to let everyone know its existance and mission. The head of the RFMU said that the entrance is for booking as they have limited numbers and due to the space prepared to host the event. Read more about the RMFU.


Shortly, the RFCS alone can’t develop the Rwanda Fashion Industry and put it o the worldwide standard. However, working with others in this industry will add value to the culture, fashion, and entertainment. Though the signed agreement has some timelines, RCFS wishes to keep working with fashion agencies and models unions until the fashion industry is recognized, appreciated, and known.

5Female Model during the RCFS casting

MODD ASKINGThe model shares his ideas on what to be done for the development of modelling during the conference  


Models participate in different government activities. In the photo, models were on a walk to remember the victims who were killed during the Tutsi Genocide of 1994

By Florence Niyigena:  Click here to visit the RFMU's website 

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