Moniah with CEOs & Founders Tarama Rwanda Initiative,  Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show , UNO Fashion Agency, and RIFI Fashion Agency Moniah with CEOs & Founders Tarama Rwanda Initiative, Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show , UNO Fashion Agency, and RIFI Fashion Agency (Photo: Dr. IYAMUREMYE Janvier )

Today February 10, 2023, in the afternoon, Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show (RCFS) signed a partnership agreement with four different fashion agencies that are Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show, Ri Kon Finest Fashion Agency, Tarama Rwanda, and UNO Fashion Agency. The event we attended by various journalists, models, and representatives of the above four agencies. This partnership aims to reinforce the collaboration between agencies in the Rwandan Fashion Industry and work together to recover from Covid-19’s impacts on this fashion industry.

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The Assistant coordinator at the RCFS, Mrs Moniah UWIMBABAZI is explaining more bout the partnerships with the 4 agencies 

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Moniah shaking hands with the CEO & Founder of the Rwanda Modelsty Fashion Show. Mr Abdul Wahbi

The RCFS representative Monique Uwimbabazi said that this partnership is the starting point to put together people in the fashion industry, and it will help to promote new talents and allow them to have access to the platform which can guide them toward their dreams. She also added that there should be an event every three months to choose the best models (male and female) from each of the four agencies. Those models will get certificates, receive financial support, and they will be posted on all social platforms of the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show.

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Moniah shakes hands with the CEO & Founder of Tarama Rwanda Initiative, Mr Wilson  Kenzy

Additionally, the Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show presenter, Ngabistinze Abdul mentioned how the partnership with RFCS will help them boost creativity in the fashion industry and engage in the preparation of fashion events, as it has been a long time since the Covid-19 outbreak. He explained that he has been working with RCFS, and he acknowledged the mutual benefits of this partnership which will also make the future of the fashion industry in Rwanda certain and sustainable.  Wilson Kageruka (Tarama Rwanda representative) added that through this partnership upcoming models, designers, and other talents will get the opportunity to showcase their abilities during different events prepared together.

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Moniah shakes hands with the CEO & Founder of UNO Fashion Agency, Mr Kwizera Danny 

Lastly, Danny (UNO Fashion Agency presentative) talked about the importance of working as a team and how it will help to leverage the available resource to become successful. “Working with this big team presented here will not only benefit the fashion industry, but the country will develop too,” he said. Yocan Senyonga (Ri Kon Finest Fashion presentative) added that to achieve a mutual outcome we need to work as a team, respect each other, provide support anytime asked, and pray.

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CEO & Founder of the  RIFI Fashion Agency Mr Ri Kon Yocan  with his Assitant after signing the MOU 

Shortly, the RFCS alone can’t develop the Rwanda Fashion Industry and put it o the worldwide standard. However, working with others in this industry will add value to the culture, fashion, and entertainment. Though the signed agreement signed today has some timelines, RCFS wishes to keep working with fashion agencies until the fashion industry is recognized, appreciated, and known.

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Before signing the MOU both CEOs  had discussions about how far  the fashion industry and what is going to be their priority 


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                                     CEO & Founder of UNO Fashion Agency, Mr Kwizera Danny signing the MOU 

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Moniah is exchanging documents with the CEO & Founder of the RIFI Fashion Agency

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The Assistant Coordinator Moniah signing the MOU 


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CEO & Founder of RIFI Fashion Agency signing the MOU 


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CEO & Founder of Tarama Rwanda Initiative reviewing the MOU before the signing 


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It was a great moment for the CEOs and RCFS team after signing the MOU, everyone was happy with the new journey. 

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By Florence Niyigena

Content Creator and Editor | Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show  PHOTOS : IYAMUREMYE Janvier 

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